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Board Meetings are normally held on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM at Freedom Library. Some months there may not be a meeting.

January 2018 Blog

The Board for 2018
Bob Watson - President and Secretary ... 291-1512
Louis Bartolomeo - Vice President ... 871-3484
Robert Gordon - Treasurer ... 203-494-8418
Anthony Ivone - Covenants ... 237-6259
Anthony Lepordo - Archetectural Change Reveiw... 237-9514

January 25, 2018
Water utility - can someone explain ?
[Posting on from a MO resdent]
There has been work in progress at the Majestic Oaks water utility area for months now, and lately resembling more a industrial construction site with noise and volatile chemical odor. What is going on, can someone fill me in please ? I live two houses down and yesterday being downwind, some atrong chemical odors were reaching me as they seemed to be purging one of the very large, new tanks.

I contacted Marion County and Email from Marion County

Hi, Mark-

Here’s the details we spoke about on the phone regarding the Utilities work in your community. Marion County water treatment plant staff are conducting scheduled tank maintenance. During the past few weeks, the water tanks were sandblasted and painted. Any residual odor from these processes should be minimal at this time but may linger until the paint dries completely. Equipment used may be onsite for another week or two but will be kept within the property’s fencing. Residents may also see a service truck at the site during the next few weeks but should not be alarmed.

Thanks again, Mark, for allowing us to communicate with your community through you.

Please reach out again should county-related information be requested.

Stacie Causey
Public Information Specialist
Marion County Public Relations
601 SE 25th Ave., Ocala, FL 34471
Office: 352-438-2311, Cell: 352-789-2152

January 8, 2018
Post in General Nextdoor Post
MaryBeth Olson,
Majestic Oaks
MOHA Meeting at the Freedom Library
I don't attend these meetings regularly but found that the new board is not working with the Roberts Rules of Order as one lady interrupted a homeowner multiple times and was never stopped by the board for being rude and out of order. AND her husband is on the board! I believe that the man only had a point to make, and never got the chance to finish. Also, I am concerned about the board wanting to build a meeting room on MO and have a homeowners pay for it in extra stipends for several years. Most of the homeowners are on a fixed budget and cannot afford to add new costs for living in MO. Perhaps I should not come on here to address these issues, but I was not very please with the MOHA officers in their conduct at this meeting on January 4th. With all due respect to living in MO, I will now consider moving in the near future, possible.
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Jodi Niehans
Jodi Niehans,
Majestic Oaks·
Agree. We moved here 3 1/2 years ago and thought we would go get involved in these meetings only to find out that these folks are rude, obnoxious people who have nothing...NOTHING else to do except be rude and obnoxious! We need to stand together and vote this ridiculous so called meeting room idea right out the window!
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Deborah Hinton
Deborah Hinton,
Majestic Oaks
There’s more of us than there are of them.

January 6, 2018
Board Meeting -
1.)Some discussion about building some sort of association facility on the "extra retention pond" but no broad passion to do so. It would require the association members (the homeowners) to approve such an action. This subject has come forward from time to time over the 19 years that I have been here and it doesn't seem to go anywhere. Few are willing to pay extra fees to build, manage and maintain a building. Typically less than a dozen homeowner attend board meeting so it's hard to believe there is much need or interest in having an Association Club house or office space.
2.) Resuming Newsletter delivery to the homes may be coming
3.) Some discussion about cutting trees on 60th avenue
4.) Approval of some homeowner requests to make changes to their homes.
5.) One Board member (Tony Ivone) couldn't attend because he had surgery. Get well soon !

Jaunary 1, 2018

Board Meeting Dates
Board meetinds are antici[ated to be the second Tuesday of the month at the Freedom Library
January 4, 2018
February 22
March 8,
April 12

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