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Board Meetings are normally held on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM at Freedom Library. Some months there may not be a meeting.

February 2018 Blog

The Board for 2018
Bob Watson - President and Secretary ... 291-1512
Louis Bartolomeo - Vice President ... 871-3484
Robert Gordon - Treasurer ... 203-494-8418
Anthony Ivone - Covenants ... 237-6259
Anthony Lepordo - Archetectural Change Reveiw... 237-9514

February 28, 2018

1.) Board meeting reported:

A) Barclay will continue as landscaping service company for MOHA on two year contract.
B) Enforcement of Covenants is an ongoing challenge to the Board members. The Board is trying to enforce convenant without generating excessive expences.
C) Some Architectural Change Requests were approved, some denied and some tabled for lack of documentation.

2.) Based on events at the Zoning Board meeting it appears that the only egress from Majestic Oaks to the Development East of MO (Rolling Hills) will be a pedestrian egress. There will be a utility easements. The next meeting is on March 20, 2018 @2:00PM at 601 SE 25th Ave. Ocala 34471.

February 22, 2018

Contributed by Board Director Tony Ivone
Upon receiving a “Public Notification for Zoning Change request #10301Z #18-DT01 from the County Commissioners concerning the property on the east and south borders of Majestic Oaks. My concern was the Closed Stub Roads on SW 89th Street and the 2 Stub Roads on SW 89th Place. After extensively researching the” records stored on the Unofficial Majestic Oaks web site I found the date that the County Commissioners met that “Officially Closed The Thee Stub Roads “That The Majestic Oaks HOA requested. I downloaded the Official County Commissioners meeting minutes of February 21, 2006 that passed unanimously in Book H Page 139 Resolution 06-R-62. This resolution was not a Developers agreement, it was an agreement with the Majestic Oaks HOA of Ocala Inc. a Corporation in the state of Florida

There will be meeting at the County Commissioners on February26, 2018@ 5:30PM, and a follow up meeting on March 20, 2018 @2:00PM.

The Homeowners paid for the resurfacing of the roads in sections 1, 2, 3. and one year later were turned over to the county. SW 89th Street and SW 89th Place both extend to section 4 which is still owned by the Association

February 21, 2018

Following up on the zoning regarding the property east of Majestic Oaks the February 2006 minutes of the Marion County Commissioners are very definitive. The key part is as follows.
"A motion was made by Commissioner Harris, seconded by Commissioner McClain to adopt Resolution 06-R-62 closing and abandoning roads as requested in petition by the Majestic Oaks Homeowners Association. The motion was unanimously approved by the Board. "
Click here to read the full minutes of the meeting.

Thanks goes to Tony Ivone for digging and finding this record.

Remember however; the commissioners give and the commissioners taketh away. Vigilance is still needed but at least we have clarity and substance for the request to prevent egress through Majestic Oaks for some 240 homes likely to be built in the new development.

February 16 , 2018
Zoning Change Requested
A request has been made to change the zoning and previous developers agreement for the partial of land abutting Majestic Oaks to the East. There are two hearings schedule for public comment. 02/26/18 at 5:30 PM is the Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing and on 3/30/18 at 2:00 PM is the Board of County Commissioner Public Hearing. Resident may attend these meeting and ask questions, give comment and make recommendation. These hearing will be held at 601 SE 25th Ave. Ocala 34471

Not published yet but required is a third meeting for the final approval.

As to the development itself the request is to change the zoning so they can put in housing not typical of R-1 quarter acre lots with typical houses. It would allow for a verity of configuaration though the overall density would be the same as R-1. (four homes to an acre)

Other changes are being proposed and are contained in the following documents.
180301Z-1_RollingHills_P&Z Report.pdf

180301Z-5_OCALA CROSSINGS PDF 11X17.pdf
180301Z-6 _DRC 0Letter.pdf

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Majestic Oaks Ocala Florida
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