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Board Meetings are normally held on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM at Freedom Library. Some months there may not be a meeting.

April 2018 Blog

The Board for 2018
Bob Watson - President and Secretary ... 291-1512
Louis Bartolomeo - Vice President ... 871-3484
Robert Gordon - Treasurer ... 203-494-8418
A J Bola -
Anthony Lepordo - Archetectural Change Reveiw... 237-9514

Email From Homeowner
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Board Meeting 4/12/18
AJ Bolla was appointed by the board to serve as a director until the next election.
The Board plan to expand the size of the Board from 5 directors to 7 directors.

April 15, 2018

Board Meeting
Board Director Tony Ivone Resigns
"Letter of Resignation'

Covenant Violation Form
1.13.20 Yard Decorations incorrect as per Restated Covenants 2016
1.12 You can not tell the Homeowner how to clean his driveway
1.14.9 This references Flagpoles not FENCES

Florida Statue 720.305 (2)(b)
When the Association is going to issue a Covenant Violation to a Homeowner it must have in place a Grievance Committee legally approved at an HOA meeting.
A review of all the previous agendas and meeting minutes shows that a Grievance Committee was never brought up for a vote by a motion, that was seconded, discussed, and than voted to be approved nor were any committee members listed. Presently if any Covenant violations are issued we are in violation of this Florida statue and open to a law suit for harassment .

Notice Letter
The Notice Letter was handed to me with the Covenant Violation Forms at the last meeting. This was not reviewed or Board approved by motion, seconded, discussed, and than voted on. How were these Homeowners notified? Was it sent by mail, hand delivered, Certified R/R? If not sent Certified R/R consider it not sent. There is a danger with the growth of the trees that over hangs SW60th Avenue. This may at some time in the future create an accident due to obstruction of the roadway. No statement is in this letter that we are not libel as an Association for an obstruction of the roadway. Was the County notified of the obstruction situation?

Also, the work on the 89th St. berm replacing the trees with shrubs was done on the word of one contractor with no second opinion and no bids. The amount of money spend was far in excess of the amount allowed without approval. It was never brought to the Board. The decision was made by 2 board members.

For the reasons I have stated above and others I am resigning from the Board effective at the close of this meeting. I feel my efforts to keep everything legal and properly executed are taken as adversarial instead of helpful. I would suggest that the present Board carefully review all 5 of our governing documents.

Anthony Ivone

Majestic Oaks Ocala Florida
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Majestic Oaks Ocala Florida

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