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Board Meetings are normally held on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM at Freedom Library. Some months there may not be a meeting.

June 2017 Blog

The Board for 2017
Herb Zabroski, President……..509-3026
Bob Watson, V.P. & Secretary…….…291-1512
Ann Ivone, Treasurer…………237-6259
Lou Bartolomeo, Director.……………871-3484
Tony Lepordo, Director.……...237-9514

The Hydrant is Installed
hydrant85street2a (24K) Over a three week period several workman periodically appeared in my front yard with flagged stakes, paint spraying markers and one guy took pictures of the marked area. Today they actually dug the hole, placed the hydrant and ran some water. The county inspector stopped bye for a look too. They left the grass and yard area in very good condition.

Now,... is this yard art or industrial equipment?
Do I need to submit for architectural committee approval?
Naaaaaa. That isn't happening.
Actually I should send a bill to someone because now I have to edge around this thing and risk a water main blowout that could wreck my yard. The neighborhood gets the benefit I get the work. Didn't this same thing happen to me in 2012. Why do I always seem to be in the wrong place at the right time. Oh well it's the price of "civilized living" I guess.

Check with your homeowners insurance company as some companies (not mine) will reduce your homeowners insurance fire premiums if you live within a thousand feet of a hydrant. hydrant85street1a (96K)

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Majestic Oaks Ocala Florida
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Majestic Oaks Ocala Florida

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